Bandi Ministero della Salute Ricerca finalizzata / Giovani Ricercatori - PNRR

BANDO GIOVANI RICERCATORI - GR-2013-02354960: Novel Biomarkers for Improved Characterization, Disease Tracking and Outcome Prediction in TraumaticBrainInjury 

(P.I.: Dott.ssa Stefania Mondello)

Importo finanziato: €389.957,00 

BANDO RICERCA FINALIZZATA ESTERO - PE-2013-02355126: Homer-mGlu5 scaffold as common abnormal mechanism and therapeutic target for Intellectual Disability (ID) and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

(P.I.: Prof.ssa Maria Vincenza Catania)

Importo finanziato: €427.000,00 

BANDO RICERCA FINALIZZATA - RF-2011-02350693 - To unravel the molecular basis of neurodevelopmental disorders – UO3

(P.I. UO3: Dott. Marco Fichera)

Importo finanziato: €86.100,00

BANDO RICERCA FINALIZZATA/GIOVANI RICERCATORI 2019-2020 - GR-2019-12369983 - Blood-based biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease in Down Syndrome: insights from epigenetic, glycomic and inflammatory profiles – UO2

(P.I. UO2: Dott.ssa Margherita Grasso) 

Importo finanziato: €140.625,00

BANDO RF/GR 2021-2022 - RF-2021-12372337 - Tau oligomers toxicity and prion protein, downstream investigations in vitro and in vivo models: new therapeutic perspectives in Alzheimer's disease – UO2

(P.I. UO2 OASI: Prof. Filippo Caraci)

Importo finanziato: €450.000,00 (OASI €150.000)

BANDO RF/GR 2021-2022 - GR-2021-12372863 - Translational correlates of multimodal electrophysiological markers of disease process in REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD) and its progression into neurodegenerative disorders: diagnostic hints and therapeutic implications

Capofila: IRCCS Ass. Oasi Maria SS.

(P.I.: Prof. Giuseppe Lanza)

Importo finanziato: €400.000,00 (UO1 – OASI €200.000,00

2022: PNRR – MALATTIE CRONICHE NON TRASMISSIBILI - PNRR-MAD-2022-12375694 - IsolateD REM sleep without Atonia as a risk factor for REM sleep behavior disordER. Constitution of a cohort for a longterm prospective follow-up study (DREAMER)

Capofila: IRCCS Ass. Oasi Maria SS.

(P.I.: Dott. Raffaele Ferri)

Importo finanziato: : €800.000,00 (OASI €248.000,00)

2022: PNRR – MALATTIE RARE PNRR-MR1-2022-12375648 - The Fingerprinting of Inherited leukoencephalopathies: A new Brain imaging, genetic and clinical Assessment (FIABA)

(P.I. OASI: Dott. Maurizio Elia)

Importo finanziato: €925.000,00 (OASI €370.000,00)

2022: PNRR – MALATTIE RARE - PNRR-MR1-2022-12376811 - Implementation of a standardized workflow for a more effective management and care of patients with syndromic and isolated intellectual disability

(P.I. OASI: Prof. Corrado Romano)

Importo finanziato: €1.000.000,00 (OASI €240.000,00)

2022: PNRR – MALATTIE RARE - PNRR-MR1-2022-12376808 - Artificial intelligence meets omic approaches for the prediction of symptoms onset and phenotypic variability in Rett syndrome: towards diagnosis acceleration

(P.I. OASI: Prof. Marco Fichera)

Importo finanziato: €1.000.000,00 (OASI €400.000,00

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